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Service Description:  Managed Technical Support

This is a service where we will monitor your computer with our software and strive to maintain your system at its optimum operating capacity.

Call for a technician to sign on your system with you to help solve technical or non-technical problems.

Consider this: you do not have to unplug your computer, put it in the car and drive to the computer repair shop.
Instead: you can sit at home and have the technician sign on your system while you watch the problem being solved or walk you through the process as a learning tool.

Maintaining software updates and providing an anti-virus are included in our service. We also offer online Help Desk support.

We offer additional services which include various types of scheduled backups that provide you with peace of mind should your system roll over and die. Be Proactive Not Reactive!

$Price  by contract based on the number of computers to be managed.


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